Stringing You All Along

I am away this week and did not bring my computer with me. I intended to publish my post about the Biblical principles Tinker Bell demonstrated in my recent pixie performance. I meant to post that puppy before I left, to be published this morning. Alas and alack, that did not happen. I lost my mind some time in mid-August and have yet to find it. If anyone out there happens to find it, please return it to me. I’ve heard you can fix nearly anything with a roll of duct tape, but I don’t think my brain fits into the “nearly anything” category.

At any rate, I’m sorry that you must wait another week for the Scriptural secrets of the wings.

Since I am on a Tinker-tear, though, I figured I’d just insert an extra chapter in the saga before concluding with Biblical principles next week. I’m sure many of you have been trying to form a mental picture of just how ridiculous I looked. I could almost hear some of you last week moaning, “pictures or it didn’t happen!”

Here you go…..

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Have a magical day!

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