Getting to Know Me

Terri LaBonte recently retired from a middle management position with the federal government, after over 33 years in federal service. She began her career in 1981, upon graduation from college. Ironically, after spending four years studying the English language, she began working at a job that required her to speak Bureaucrat. Terri always wanted to be a writer, but decided, at around the age of twenty, that she had no talent. You may agree.
Terri was born in New York City. Her parents did exactly what they were supposed to do in the fifties. As soon as they had a baby, they moved to Long Island. Moving an hour and a half from the city worked out so well for them, they decided to move across the entire country to California a few years later. When Terri retired, she and the love of her life, Max, vowed to fulfill their secret desire to live in a space bigger than a breadbox without having to print their own money to pay for it. Having grown up three miles from Disneyland, Terri worried that her DNA would unravel if she ventured too far from the Happiest Place on Earth. Therefore, she and Max settled in central Florida to reinvent themselves.