Have You Missed Me Yet?

I know it has been a few weeks since I posted new content. I thought I’d better check in to let you know I still have a pulse and I am still breathing in and out. Whether or not I still have brainwaves is a matter up for debate.

I always said that I’d continue with the blog as long as I had something to say. My recent silence does NOT mean I have nothing left to say. In some ways, the problem is actually just the opposite. I have at least three blog pieces in various stages of development. I have a lot of amorphous ideas percolating but am having trouble forming those ideas into sturdy, coherent essays suitable for publication.

It does not help that my life has been Walmart Black Friday level busy since the middle of August. There are many blessings associated with a full, engaging life. One of those blessings is that a full and engaging life provides me with rich fodder for blog-building. Aye, but there is a rub! Living that full, engaging life that provides the blog fodder also limits the amount of time I have to sow and reap the actual blog crops.

Please have patience with me as I rotate my crops and start to bear fruit again. After this week, my schedule will slow down a little and I’ll bring you back along in the journey with me. Thanks for sticking with me!