Sunrise… cool, heavy, haunted morning…

Air heavy with grief and fear…

Women crying, numb-minded and shatter-hearted.

Yesterday, our Morningstar destroyed.  We are lost.

Hiding, not shining.

Scampering, not singing.

Huddled, not journeying.

Yesterday, the sky went black when our Master died.

Today- the world still black and dank.

The sun is opening the day, but the light lacks life… flat, stagnant, polluted.

We can no longer see the Light.

Our hearts, so recently expanding and uncontainable with joy

Now feel stunted and hollow.

Was Love just an echo?

Is that an angel or a man or several men waiting in the garden?

We barely register the landscape through fuzzy eyes, not caring what we see

In a world that now seems blind and dark- Lightless.

Does light ever truly disappear?

He told us it will not, as long as we believe.

Believe in Him…

He left us with love and faith and joy.

He is gone, but they remain…

Maybe He remains, as well. 

The tomb is empty but filled with hope.

Happy Resurrection! He is not gone!  May the risen Christ be with you always. 

Terri/Dorry 😊