A Corny (But Heartfelt) Christmas Poem

C is for the Christ Child who came to bring us Light,

To lead us to eternal joy in His mercy and His might.

H is for the holly hanging on the walls

Green and red festooning, decking all the halls.

R is for reindeer that bring Santa’s sleigh,

Hauling all the presents that we open Christmas Day.

I is for icicles on the tree’s limbs

Sparkling even when all the light dims.

S is for Santa who brings treats and toys

To delight all good little girls and boys.

T is for trimming- trees, gifts, or halls

With tinsel and garland and bright Christmas balls.

M is for mistletoe and kisses we steal

With love and affection and special Yule zeal.

A is for angel on top of the tree,

Glittering, sparkling… as bright as can be.

S is for salvation-  Christ’s mission on earth.

The way to the cross began on the day of His birth.


Christmas is a big concept.  I think there is plenty of room in Christmas for secular tradition and festivity.  I enjoy the ho ho ho and the fa la la.  For me, though, Christmas begins and ends with Jesus.

Have a happy and holy Christmas!  Yuletide blessings to you and yours.

Merry Christmas!  Please join my cyberspace Christmas party.  Feel free to leave a comment to share your Christmas good wishes and memories.  In the alternative, you can email me at terriretirement@gmail.com.  Oh, and by the way, please help yourself to some virtual gingerbread!!!!

Terri :-0  Holy Night!


4 thoughts on “A Corny (But Heartfelt) Christmas Poem”

    1. Thanks, Mona, for the greetings and for adding another layer to our holiday party! May your solstice be magical 🌟

  1. Christmas is a beautiful time of the year…celebrating our Lord’s birth. May you know His love and remember His gift for us. Merry Christmas.

    I have had more problems with my back so plan to get another fracture taken care of soon in my spine. The Lord is our healer!

    Love, Lois

    1. Such a beautiful thought, Lois! Thank you. I’m sorry you are having pain. Good luck with the surgery. ❤️ And 🙏 coming your way! 😘

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